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The past three weeks to a month have been filled with my Dad calling me to check prices online for various cars he was looking at. It got to the point of me always having websites open so I was ready when he called, luckily for me he usually called in the afternoon when the kids were napping and I was most likely at the computer already. I like looking up cars though, finding out what they are worth gives you a nice edge when you go to buy.

Check out Used Car Classifieds to search listings. My Dad is all about older cars and he sticks to Buicks and Olds’. It is mainly because they are easier to repair and you can generally find parts for them easily as well. My first car was and Olds and he made sure I could fix a number of things on it before I could go farther then just to school.

The Used Car Classifieds site is easy to use. Just plug in the car make, model, year and location and you can find what you are looking for. You don’t need to enter a state, which is good if you live in a rural area. You can also sort your searches by mileage, year, price and newest listed – perfect for me since my Dad is mostly interested in year and mileage. If you are like my Dad, here is a Buick search you can check out.

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