Short Month

My husband has been home for the past few days for his regular days off. He is taking a week of leave though so he’ll be home quite a bit more then normal. It is going to be a short month for him. His current class quarter is over after this week and he’ll have a couple of weeks off until the last quarter starts. I can’t believe it’s so soon! I’m so glad he worked for his degree. I am waiting for my motivation to hit me, I know it will at some point.

Since he will be home more often I’ve planned out our meals for the next couple of weeks. It is easier for me since he’ll be here for three meals a day vs. one. On one hand he won’t be eating out for lunch and/or dinner but on the other hand he snacks in addition to the regular meals. I’m keeping track of what we eat (and thus what it costs) each day to find out how we’ve done this month.

He is going to be taking more leave over the next couple of months so I wonder what affect that will have on the grocery bill. Of course what we save in gas will more then likely make up for it. I’ve fixed my categories in the Microsoft Money program so I am keeping better track of everything. I only did it for this year but better then to not know.

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