Start 2010 Off Right

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Happy New Year!

I plan on getting this new decade started off on the right foot! I’ve been doing a good job financially for the past eight months or so and figure I need to get back into documenting it so I can be held more accountable.

2008 and 2009 brought a lot of changes to my family:

The husband got a commission in the military (ie he is now an officer vs being enlisted).
We moved (four times!).
The kids and I moved in with my Mom as the husband is overseas.
We bought a new car.

Of course, all of these brought new changes to our financial status. Since we just bought the new car (as in two days ago just) I just figured out a new budget for us. Because the husband has been gone for several months now, and we live with my Mom, we have less household expenses, have been able to pay on credit cards significantly and also been able to save money.

So let’s get this year started off right! I’ll be back with a look at our budget and what I’ve been doing the past eight months. I hope your new year is starting off as great as mine is. :)

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