About Us/Background

January 2012

Hello all,

Thanks for joining me. I am a military wife and mom of three. We are stationed in Southern California.

In January 2006, I stumbled upon Dave Ramsey’s website. That same week I listened to his radio show and called in. I was shocked to be able to get through and, here I am admitting this for who knows to read, asked a simple, obvious-answer, question. I asked if we should sell our house on the west coast or rent it. Dave said to sell – we were far away, who knows if we would get back to it soon and was he right that all of our money is currently going to our new home. He was right – but we didn’t listen. Well, it’s not that we didn’t listen, we had a bad real estate agent.

We have been lucky to have renters in the two homes that we own. We own on the west coast and the east coast – such is the life of a military family! We count our blessings that we have had great luck with our renters in both of these homes.

House 1 – West Coast – great renters, rent pays for original mortgage, we pay for the home equity loan.

House 2 – East Coast – great renters, house currently listed for sale, rent does not cover two mortgages (we did an 80/15 loan when we bought the house), rent actually doesn’t even cover one mortgage and so we are aggressively trying to sell the home. We hope to have it sold by June 2012.

We also have two car payments, a bank loan, and two credit cards we are focused on paying off. We save every month as well.

I started this blog five years ago and while we are further on this journey than when we began, we still have a ways to go. Thanks for joining us on our journey. :)