One Less Car, One Less House

This year has been awesome.

My last post said we were very close to paying off a car, and we did it. We have been down a car payment for about six months. I’ve been putting that car payment money into savings. Sure it could have (should have?) gone to another debt, but we needed to build up our savings because we were moving.

And so we did. We paid off  a car, we paid down a loan, we moved and spend a *huge* amount of our savings on the security deposit and first month’s rent. And we sold a house.

Our finances have been all over the place this year and starting in September we are following a strict budget that I recently made up. We need to stick to spending what we say we’ll spend instead of just paying the bills and spending the rest. Selling the house gave us hundreds of dollars a month back in our pocket. Let me repeat that – *hundreds* of dollars are now ours again. This September budget is going to take into account that money. I’m excited to see what we can accomplish! I have big goals for us through the end of the year!

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