DIY SunPorches and Sunrooms

We have a screened in porch attached to the back of our house and have yet to settle on what we would like to do. I would like to add shades, close off the bottom half, tile the floor and make it into a room that would be fun to sit in. It is a great room now but with just a few adjustments, it could be even better.

Part of the reason I have been holding back is because I didn’t even think about closing off the bottom portion until I saw a neighbors – and I don’t want the same exact thing that they did, but I have yet to find an alternative. We also are more concerned with paying off the credit card before doing anything to the house.

Check out the SunPorch Home page. They have made some major design changes and feature a new easy slide window. That seriously looks so awesome. I love that both the top and bottom windows can open up, or you can remove both windows and the space will be covered by just the screen.

I really like the wall shades that are featured on the site as well. Our screened in porch gets sun the majority of the day and faces west/south west so the sunset gets the sun right into our eyes if we are sitting outside. Having shades to pull down would be so beneficial. I wonder how much protection the shades would give against rain?

Check out the SunPorch site today if you are thinking of adding this great feature to your house. I submitted a question regarding if the wall shades could be purchased separately. If you purchase before April 30, 2007, you will receive a 10 perfect discount.

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