Extra Money

Two months into the new year and we don’t have a budget that takes into account every penny of our money. We pay our bills, buy groceries, get cash from the ATM for gas and consider the rest extra. Of course included in our bill paying is more then minimum payments on the credit card.

Since I went through the categories in the money program I use I see where we are spending money and where we are keeping on budget. We do a good job staying on budget, but it’s that “extra” money that messes me up. We have been doing a great job not spending all of the money, but I don’t like the idea of not having a destination for it.

At the end either this week or next we are going to put all of the “extra” money onto the credit card, of course doing so sooner would probably be the better idea. I need to take another look at the program and see if we can just put the money toward the bill right now. I love being able to pay a large amount down – well, seeing our money go away is not fun in any way, but being able to pay it off is great.

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