Studying For Vacation

We figure we’ll be in this area for at least another year and we are planning on a vacation to Florida before we leave. We can drive and with enough planning, we could save on hotel and food prices. Some of the theme parks in the area have deals for military members as well, which would save us money.

My husband and I went on vacation to Orlando when we lived in the area years ago. We went for a long weekend and it was so much fun. I had never been to Florida before and he had only been once before. We are going to look into vacation rentals by owner this time around. We plan on staying at least a week. Our kids are young so I can’t imagine taking them to one of the parks for an entire day. They would end up grouchy and not having fun. Since they young who knows what they would remember but I want the memories to be good ones!

Check out the Orlando vacation rentals by owner, there are quite a few! Most of the titles are names or descriptions of the property, but the one that caught my eye referenced maids doing my dishes! That got a click from me. It probably pays to have a catchy ad listed.

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