Starting With A Good Work Ethic

I have worked since I was 14 years old. I got a job during the summer and worked up until the week before school started. During the school year I couldn’t drive so I didn’t have a job, but several of my friends had jobs because they livedin tihe same town as the job. I held the same summer job for two and a half summers, the other half of that last summer was spent with the same company but in a different area.

My senior year in high school I worked part time, went to high school part time and went to college part time. My high school and the college had an agreement that any classes a high school person took, counted as both high school and college credit. Since the college classes I took were in the late afternoon or early evening, it was easy to work a couple of hours in the morning and then go to school the rest of the day. I loved it, I wasn’t involved in any sports that required me to attend school a certain number of hours so it worked out great.

When I was in college full time I still had a part time job. I was lucky to not have rent to pay so any money I made went toward my car and other ‘necessities’ I had. Of course, when you are 18 things like cds, clothes and gas were more important to me then saving money. My kids will learn different.

I left college to be with my husband. I moved across the country and knew we would only be in the area for half a year, so I worked temp jobs. I scored high on the tests they gave me and they kept me busy the whole time we lived there. After we left the area, we discovered I was pregnant with our first child and knowing this, I tried to get a job at our first duty station.

We moved to an area that just about required a commute for a job. Not just any commute, a 45 minute on a great traffic day commute. Keep in mind that I was pregnant and was looking at temp jobs. Yep, they wanted me to commute at least 45 minutes a day to sub for someone. That was just not going to happen – so for the first time in my life, I did not have a job.

*First in a series*

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