A House Tag

I saw this over at The Stylish Nest and wanted to play along. I am supposed to share five things about my house so I’ll share about both houses.

1. This house we live in now is the first new home ever purchased in either of our families. That is huge. My kids made the first crayon writings on the wall, we are the first to hang curtains and the first to make it a home. Not too many people in my family own their home so when we bought our first house they were happy for us, but buying brand new, that caused a smattering of talk to happen.

2. The thing I look forward to at this house is doing more improvements. Sure it is a new house but we have a short list of what we want to do to make it more our own ~ the garden, the porch, the patio. That is the same thing I look forward to on the other house too. We did a lot to that house already but I can’t wait to finish up and be able to just enjoy the house rather then worrying about what to do next.

3. The thing that annoys me most about this house is the location. I know, I know, that is a huge deal. But it is just miles from my husbands work, miles from the shopping area, miles away from anything. Of course the neighborhood itself is a good one, we live around really nice people and the drive to the shopping area is not that bad. Should we pick again, I’m not sure if we would pick this particular house. What annoys me about the other house – well usually nothing! Right now the repairs are tiring but it is a great house, in a great neighborhood.

4. We plan on keeping this house and renting it out as well. We are looking into forming a corporation but at this point don’t know too much about it. We have talked to a property manager and this area is great for renting. She actually called me yesterday and said she wanted to just check in as she has quite a few people wanting to rent four bedrooms. That’s a good sign!

5. I love that we try to fix things before hiring someone, and that we do the improvements. I love getting in there and getting my hands dirty, knowing I did a certain project or knowing what is behind the wall because we took the heater out ourselves (we found old star wars cards once).

I’ll say what she said ~ I always have a hard time when it comes to tagging other people, so I would like to tag you dear reader (if you haven’t already done it)!

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