Handyman Repairs

I talked to a handyman service about the repairs that need to be done to our home. They quoted me for a minimum of two hours and said if they finish sooner, the homeowner usually has other projects for them to do. The downside to that, if it doesn’t take two hours, is I would be paying for items my renter wants finished. I don’t have anything against that, but the repairs will cost a lot thus I would like the repairs taken care of first. I don’t like the idea of having a plumber and a handyman both doing work there is a chance that the handyman wouldn’t take two hours.

I also talked to the plumber who gave me a quote and ugh, really, if you have a rental house start an account that you add to monthly so you can have a little built up in case a time of needed repairs come up. I’m not sure what we were thinking so we didn’t have some in the first place! It doesn’t help that all of the repairs came at once rather then one every couple of months. Of course if we did have a plumber do something once a month that cost would have been very high all totaled as well.

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