Using Our Credit Cards

We have one paid off credit card and another with a balance. Since the plumbing issues – at both houses – came up, we are trying really hard not to use either of the cards. I am still working on finding a handyman and figuring what is easier to fix – ie maybe a professional doesn’t absolutely have to do it.

This is one time when having a credit card would be good for someone. I mean, we will more then likely have the money, cash, to pay for whatever repairs needs to be done, but I need to take another look at the budget before I know that for usre. We don’t have savings but the ‘extra’ money we have will cover the bills. This is just a wake up call to have a buffer for repairs, which you should have, but we never needed.

It would be great if we could have 0% credit cards, I would feel a lot better about using them if so. Or even if we had 0% balance transfers available it would be easier. We don’t have either so that does help with not turning to the cards in cases like this. I wonder how easy it would be to get a balance transfer like that. I’ve never played the credit card game of switching money from card to card, but maybe it is time to look since we need to have savings at the same time as paying off debt.

I just ordered our credit reports though so once I see those maybe we’ll try the credit card game with the balances that we do have.

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