Starting off the year right

Two days in (okay does this morning really count?) and we are on the right financial track.

Because of the holiday we got paid late last week. I paid all of our bills and got cash out of the ATM. Me having cash is a RARE thing – I just don’t do it. I find that it’s so easy for me to spend cash, it just disappears. Plus it’s hard for me to keep track because I want to enter the cash purchase into the Money program – when really all I need is the ATM receipt in there.

The cash is our start to paying ourself first. Yes, we should be saving money if we are going to do that. And next payday the plan will probably change just because I have such an issue with cash (wierd I know!).

We are also using cash to pay for gas as my DH lost his check card and we had to reorder one. It’s easier for him to have $20 in his car and put gas in then to worry about where his check card – especially since he doesn’t use a wallet (he tends to fill a wallet up – then lose it a day later).

We have yet to rewrite a budget, but I will before next payday. We will get a raise then and have decided to not spend that money – rather all of the raise will go toward credit card debt. Once the credit cards are paid off we are going to start saving a little bit (probably via the Roth IRA’s) and paying more on the car (we owe just over 2 more years of payments). When I rewrite the budget I am going to refigure how long it will take to pay off the credit cards (not long – the tax return will all go toward it and should pay them off) and then how long until we can pay the car off.

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