Things to do this coming year

Start planning your list of what to do financially and otherwise. Otherwise – the list will probably be long for me. I always have a list of goals and they are then broken down into smaller goals. Here are a few financial related ones:

Before I get going here, I found a couple of great blog posts related to this via the latest Carnival of Personal Finance ~ namely What happens to your web business if you die and New Years Resolutions: Start an estate plan … just in case.

Re-do our wills. We’ve both had wills for the past almost five years. LOTS has changed since then! We can have our wills drawn up for free via the military law office here and we need to take advantage of that. This needs to be done sooner then later and I am going to call the military office by Friday to see what we need to do called and just need to swing by and pick up a packet, then make an appointment.

Get more life insurance. We have talked about it for a while and there is no better time to get this figured out then now.

Make sure all paperwork is in order. This is something I NEED help with. Or rather, I need to work on. I have a file cabinbet plus I have a few various filing boxes and of course piles of papers. I went through and shredded a TON of paperwork before we moved, which took care of a lot of stuff. I think it’s time to go through everything again. I need to put some things into longer term storage then I consider a file cabinet to be. This means I need some storage boxes first.

Get all of my passwords, websites and email addresses written down/stored in a safe place. I know I have too many email addresses, really I don’t use a few of them. But I know I have things online that noone in my family knows about, my husband included. Great guy that he is, the attraction of the internet and all that it offers has never really clicked with him. I need to have things accessible to him though, should something happen.

I also found this post at Single Ma’s and definitely plan to implement a few of her ideas!

  1. Simplify budget to 3 categories: bills, necessities, and fun stuff
  2. Track spending and rewards by using ONE credit card all year

    I have been reworking our budget in my head for a few days now and what a great idea to simplify into categories. I keep thinking of the “little” bills like $28/month for water, which I have to write a check for. I may just pay six months in advance just so not to worry about it. I heard someone say they got a discount by paying a year in advance for trash pick up and I’m going to try that too. By putting the budget into broader categories, I can get that “little” stuff out of my head.
    We’ve wanted to track spending and use one card for over a year now. Of course bad money management when we were moving here, plus overbuying our house, caused that plan to go out the window. I’m not sure if we will be able to do it next year, but it’s a good idea.

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