Buying Food this time around

This payday we spent $287 (including tip) on groceries. I took a final test that morning/afternoon and visited with a friend until my DH got off work. While I was at her house, I realized I didn’t have my list (or what few coupons I had) with me – so I started a new list. It was a great list – the problem was that we went shopping with two carts.

The reason my DH used was so we didn’t squish the veggies or bread. Okay that makes sense.

But using two always makes you feel like you didn’t spend that much because both are not full. Of course that is stupid reasoning and we still spent close to $300.

Our pantry, both freezers and fridge were stuffed full. Literally, stuffed! Other then fresh stuff like milk or eggs, we don’t need to go shopping for at least a month I bet. I am going to try to get us to only buy veggies and fresh items next payday and see how that works out.

I don’t know why I don’t just budget for $300 per paycheck for groceries. I keep lying to myself saying we will only spend $150-$200. I *wish* we only spent that much, but we just don’t.

We need to redo the budget anyway, it’s about time the grocery money just becomes the full amount we usually spend so I can stop feeling guilty about spending that much.

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    Yeahhh! I finally figured out how to leave comments. :)

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    Woohoo! LOL