BAH 2007 rates are up

2007 BAH Rates are now available and the website seeems to be moving faster. I guess everyone looked up their rates already. LOL

Our BAH went up $50. It still isn’t at the BAH of ’05 because from ’05-’06 for our area and our current rank, it went down. If you were here already you were grandfathered into the higher amount though so it only affects new people.

Of course we were one of those new people.

And then we realized (last year) that our BAH at our previous duty station went up by quick a bit (in BAH terms). You can imagine that we were annoyed by the combination of all of those factors.

I’m just glad we got a tiny bit of a raise. It will help with our insane house payment. Okay, it isn’t insane. LOL

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2 Responses to “BAH 2007 rates are up”

  1. tanyetta Says:

    Every little bit helps :)

  2. T Says:

    I agree!