Finding Good Deals

I admit it – I have very little online store loyalty. Instead of shopping at one particular place online, I go searching for coupons and promotion codes. I like to find a percentage off or free shipping. There are a lot of places now that give free shipping with a certain dollar amount order. Most of the time it is not hard to hit that dollar amount, but there have been times when I found myself continuing to shop just to hit it.

Since we want to pay off our credit cards before buying anything – I’ve been of course drooling over laptops at Dell. I have a laptop already, my Dad gave me his old one a few years ago and sheesh, that thing is heavy! I’m sure I could figure out a way to make it work, but just haven’t. Actually it worked perfectly until my friends son spilled water on the keyboard…but I digress!

The hubs and I are talking about maybe buying a (obviously) newer model Dell in a few months. I’m saving the link for Dell coupon codes for that time! I don’t need anything fancy – just something to get online with while not having to be suck in my office. This summer was hot and next summer will be the same. I’d love to be able to sit outside and play online while the kids play in the water.

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