Started Holiday Shopping

Since we might be able to be around family this year for the holiday season, I’ve already started my Christmas shopping. I usually try to start in the summer anyway, you can find great deals depending on what you are looking for. I’ve picked up a few things for my nephews – toys that are on clearance! I’m making the babies (there are two) blankets and already have the yarn (also purchased on clearance!) and one blanket almost done. I know what my Mom wants but not my Dad, and they both have birthdays in November/December anyway. I’m thinking of surprising my Dad and going home for his birthday because he will be 60! I think I’m going to put together a slide show for him and organize dinner at a nice restaurant. Or at least a place that will accommodate all the kids my brothers and I have. I have his scrapbook from high school and college which has pictures and news stories so I’m sure I can get a great slide show out of that and all the pictures since then.

My Mom wants new dishes and I haven’t even started looking yet. She had every day run of the mill dishes, then my Grandma gave her the china she has had forever. But using it every day has caused small cracks to happen in a few pieces. She doesn’t want to ruin them so I’ve been on the hunt here and there. Since I’m all about sales and clearance, I’ve been looking at to see if there is a store there I could use a deal for. I did find a good Mikasa coupon – free shipping! I love free shipping. Mikasa has some great everyday china but I wonder if china means it is more fragile then everyday use plates? I’m going to have to get my Mom to look around so I have a better idea of exactly what she wants.

My Dad is harder to shop for – he’s the type that if he wants it, he goes out and buys it. And he tends to have expensive taste. I would love to buy him a gun safe but the one he wanted was almost a thousand dollars. My brothers and I usually chip in on gifts, but the past few years they haven’t and we can’t swing that much by ourselves. What I know he would love is a projector, he’s talked about getting one for ages but never has. He has a great living room that it would fit perfectly in too. I bet I could find one on and use a good coupon, they have great shipping charges and add to that 7% off for new customers!

I need to figure what my sister in laws like, I was thinking of doing a family gift like I did last year but if we can be there I’d like to do individual gifts. That’s just me.

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