Grocery Shopping

Have you tried The Grocery Game yet? It’s a fun website that allows you to see what stores in your area are having sales on certain items – it also tells you if you should stock up on the item or if it is just on sale for the moment. I signed up for a free trial but I’m having a hard time because though it lists grocery stores in the area, we stop at Costco or the commissary. We do shop at Publix but not for all of our items. The site doesn’t list Costco and I’m sure that is because Costco only accepts their own coupons, not outside ones. The site takes into account the coupons that are available either through your newspaper or directly through the store.

I will probably end up canceling my membership just because of where we do our shopping. If we did more at Publix, the site would be awesome! I have found a few things (organic milk, cheese) on sale that were using coupons and the site showed they were great prices.

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