Report on Birthday Gifts

I forgot to say the birthday gifts we picked out were a huge hit! The bike we gave our daughter, she loved it! And the Spiderman computer has been played with at least five days a week. It’s not as big of a hit as the Barbie computer, but once he gets used to it I think he’ll love it even more. Of course since he got it, neither of them have played with the Barbie computer so maybe that’s a sign.

The next birthday is my husbands and he’s already decided what he wants – video games. Actually it was decided a long time ago as Halo 3 is coming out and oh what a coincidence, it is coming out about two weeks before his birthday. He preordered it and we’ve been making the little payments each month so it will be paid off when it comes out. I’m sure he’ll be at the store at midnight if he is allowed.

After that the next birthday is my Dad’s, and we all know what I’m planning for that!

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