Work Boots for Gifts

One thing I wish would happen is my brothers and I all go in with each other on gifts for the other couples. Like my hubby and I and one brother and the wife buy something for the other brother and wife. That would make it easy because you would have someone else to share the expense with, so if it leaned toward something that was a little more expensive that was perfect, it becomes affordable because of shared expenses. I am usually into practical gifts that you can use or will last.

One of my brothers goes through work boots just as fast as my husband goes through his combat boots. He switches brands based on what is on sale at the time and what he can find. He favors boots over work shoes, are they heavier then shoes? I haven’t had to wear boots in years so who knows. But if we all chipped in for a gift, and bought him new work boots, we could get Doc Martens for a good price and free shipping over $100 spent. I’m sure he would love that!

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