Spring Fundraising

The time has come for spring fund raising kids (and teenagers) to stop by my house. I had cheerleaders today selling pizza kits, cakes and cookies. I bought one pizza kit, with two pizzas in it. She said I could have made a donation but considering my children are elementary school aged, I’d like something for my money if I’m giving it to the high school.

I’m going to have to learn to say no! The items are generally very overpriced, and from what I know of school fund raisers the school/team doesn’t get very much money back. I know there are good school fund raisers out there, maybe I’ll do a little research and then buy from anyone selling off of a good plan. I know that activities are expensive. Both of the kids are still in gymnastics and they are doing a camp being offered by the gym this summer, I’ve been paying a little each month on the camp because of the expense.

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