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The house is still up for sale and no one has stopped by to look at it. I think the people I saw a few weeks ago never even came back! The only thing I worry about is the yard – we have neighborhood rules saying how you are supposed to take care of your lawn, well who is going to take care of that lawn? I’ve also heard that in similar situations (not in our neighborhood, just from other people) the HOA will lower your dues in order for you (a neighbor) to take care of the lawn. I have no idea if that is true or just something someone heard somewhere (you know, stories like that). The yard looks okay right now, the weeds are a little out of control but otherwise the grass hasn’t grown that much.

I am dreading how long the bank will let the house stay on the market. One realtor told me he bought a foreclosed home after the bank let it sit for three years.

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