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Gifts are always so hard to buy. I’ve known what I wanted to get my Mom for Mother’s Day for about a month or so, but still haven’t bought it. She would like an iPod, she goes on daily walks and once in a while hits the gym. I’ve been holding off because I was hoping my brothers would want to chip in so it would be a gift from all of us, but that didn’t happen. Actually I suppose I knew it wasn’t going to happen so we are going to buy it ourselves. I am going to shop through the refurbished store to get one so I know I’ll be getting a good deal. I searched this coupon site and found quite a few coupons for Apple!

I think I’ve settled on a shuffle, it’s small and will clip to clothing, or there is an armband available for it too. It is a good starter iPod I think, small and cute, but enough space to hold music or books on tape (what Mom wants the most I think). Check out some Apple coupons and see if there is something you can get for a loved one! If you can get in today you’ll be able to get free shipping and free engraving, I don’t know how I missed it but it was a Mother’s Day special!

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