No Cost Holidays

Today we spent no money for Mother’s Day. Last night my husband surprised me by saying he had arranged a sitter and figured we would go to dinner and a movie. Of course the only reason he had to tell me last night rather then today was because we redid our budget last night and talked about the money we have right now. I woke up thinking we would eat a snack somewhere and go to the $2.50 theater – only to find there are no movies playing at that theater I’m interested in seeing. After having a slow start to the day, and breakfast, I decided I’d rather have a lazy day at home.

My own Mom’s Mother’s Days consisted of us leaving with our Dad or leaving her alone all day so she could have quiet time and enjoy the house alone. She usually watched movies and read, which I know she enjoyed. I told my husband I would like to take a bath, read for a couple of hours, nap for a couple of hours and watch a movie – in an empty house. He said he didn’t plan on doing that so maybe another year.

So I said okay let’s stay home, watch movies and play video games. I’m happy to say we’ve all had a great lazy day! My husband has been cleaning and we are all taking turns playing various video games. Since he has the day off tomorrow we are staying up late so the kids can watch Chicken Little when it comes on tv. I haven’t had to cook or really move if I didn’t feel like it. And it rained so the watering of the lawn and our plants was taken care of!

I had a great Mother’s Day, I hope you did too.

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