Spending Every Day

I’ve spent money every day this week! Well, yesterday and today. This is the week of gymnastics camp for both kids. They are at the gym from 9-3 every day this week! It is so nice – they love it and are so tired when they come home, they go to bed early and more importantly voluntarily! That’s huge for my kids. They always go to bed easy, but I have to encourage them to get going.

Yesterday I bought maternity shorts as well as a lesson planner for the school year (my DD will be in 1st grade already!), a chai tea at Ross’ and stamps from the post office. I ran in and out of four stores without having to unbuckle kids or buckle them back in or tell them to stay close to me. I very rarely shop without them, I always have at least one with me, so it has been very nice. I got my hair cut today and had to make another stop at the post office (postage is expensive but what is more annoying is the wait at my local office).

I’ve loved having these days to do stuff on my own. Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and I may go to lunch with a friend. On Friday my husband has the day off and it will be the first time we don’t have the kids around in a few months! Of course he will have homework to do but at least he won’t have to feel bad about telling them he needs quiet time or that he can play later.

But the spending money every day cannot continue. We don’t need groceries nor any more clothes. And might I say how clean the house has been, and has stayed, since the kids are gone every day and exhausted when they come home? That’s just another perk!

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