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We are currently renting our other home and our renters have a year lease. Of course we have a military clause in it – it’s a typical clause, stating if the renter should receive military orders that take them out of the area they are released from the lease. I’ve been keeping an eye on the rental market there because in a couple of months our renters may receive new orders! It isn’t planned but it could happen and we have to be ready for it. So far the market looks good, places are renting out and the prices are good. I know we are renting for under market right now and though we won’t be at market if we do have to get new renters, we will ask for more. Finding good tenants is tough and we aren’t sure we want to go with a property manager. We don’t right now and it has worked out great. I know there are risks involved but for over a year it has been fine. is one of a handful of sites we have been looking at. It is easy to find property there and to check on what other homes are renting for. So far everything has stayed within a range we are comfortable with. I’m also using it to check on property here – we think we’ll rent if the market allows for it. Of course if we can’t sell because of a slow selling market, we’ll probably go with renting. We’ve already talked to a property manager here and she is great. And we know that the rental market here is great.

The website lists ad prices starting at $39 a month and the other prices are $59 and $99 a month. I would definitely consider listing my property there as the site is easy to search and I know several people who search there. Listing looks to be as easy as registering and filling out your information. If you have a place to rent give them a look, easy to search and easy to list.

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