Prepaid Credit Card

I’m not sure what is going on lately, but I’ve been reading and seeing a lot about raising teenagers. My kids are little ones and I know teenagers are a lot of work but wow I feel like I need to start figuring stuff out now! Already my kids will be six and four in less then a month and then we have another one joining us next year.

The PAYjr Visa Buxx card launched the other day, on July 11. It was created to help teens learn how to manage money. I don’t know how to teach teenagers about money just yet – when I was a teen I had a job and when my husband was, he got a healthy allowance (and wasn’t allowed to get a job). The PAYjr card is a reloadable prepaid card with the added bonus of being able to design the card you use. There is also a card design contest going on right now with various prizes being offered. I like the idea of prepaid cards because once the money is gone, it’s gone and I wonder what effect this has on teens and their attitudes about credit cards.

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