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There are some times in working online when I need to send something securely via email – when I do my brothers taxes for him being just one of those times. I’ve been doing his taxes for years – they are simple to do but he hasn’t had a computer until just a couple of months ago. SecureZip offers a high level of data security so I would feel completely comfortable emailing his tax return and associated files. All these years, I have printed everything out and mailed it, I know he would rather have the information at his fingertips online as each year of taxes wants previous years information.

This would be great for anyone who needed to email copies of personal records files – bank statements, phone records, medical records, anything you want kept private. SecureZip also integrates with Microsoft Outlook®, protecting any emails and attachments automatically, which is a great touch. Having programs work together makes your online life much easier.

Head on over to the website – – and download a free version of the software, not a stripped down version, this is the full deal. Downloading the free version is a limited time offer so head over there now.

SecureZIP – The next generation of ZIP

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