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I’ve been thinking of a way to keep better track of our rental – especially since we will most likely rent this house out when we leave. I’ve read that we need to use a separate bank account for each rental which we already do. I will have to think of what to do with this house though. Right now we have a checking and savings account with a bank that we really love but do not use primarily.

Even though we will go with a property management company with this home, I still would like an easy way to maintain the records for the houses. I just found out about this property management software.

Considering what a large investment real estate is, something like this software is necessary. Especially for a person like me who wants everything in one spot. I went through the demo that is on the site and it looked good. The price to manage up to five properties ~ perfect for us ~ is $99 a year. Software like this draws me in because of the organization it would offer. I have thus far used excel as we are not going with a property manager, friends are our renters and the only transactions we have had are payments from them to us and then our mortgage payment.

The site is easy to follow and the demo does a great job at giving an overview of what is offered. I did the Landlord Edition demo. A 15 day free trial is also available should you wish to try it out. I am going to wait until my husband has time to follow along with me and then do the trial.

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