DIY Fences

I’ve mentioned before that we had friends help installing flooring and also had them help with other diy projects around the house. We have a handful of friends on our street and have talked about them helping us put up a fence when the time comes.

I love having friends available to help. If we paid someone to put up the fence it would easily cost $5000 ~ doing it ourselves (with friends!) would easily cut that cost in half. At the latest HOA meeting someone brought up rewording the rule that says we can only have one type of fence, his reasoning was based on cost. I understand that thinking, but my reasoning wouldn’t be based on cost, it would be based on not liking how the current fences we are allowed to put up look. They are just not good looking I think.

I’m finally glad we waited to put the fence up, and we will continue to wait to see if the rules get changed.

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