Changing Fixtures

One of the tips (that is quite obvious once I heard the words) as to fixing up your new home (new as in brand new construction) is to change out the fixtures. It is a great idea since up and down your street you can probably guess that everyone has the exact same stuff that you do. I’ve already made a list of what we need to change out – lights (just a few because we had to buy the majority of them), knobs, house numbers, outside lights, faucets and one bathroom sink.

Here is one spot to get light fixtures. I’ve taken a quick glance around and found a couple of great outdoor lights and I love this chandelier. We have two that are identical and gold and just not that great looking.

I’m a great list maker. So I’ve written down what I want to replace along with the websites I’m searching and of course the price. Once our credit cards are paid off, we are going to start replacing things one room at a time.

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