Handyman Found

I am 99% sure we have a handyman to do our laundry list of items for the other house. He is a good friend and helped us work on other projects when we still lived in the house. The only downfall is his moving in a couple of weeks.

But hopefully we can get quite a few of the things on the list done. It is minor stuff like repairing leaks and replacing a heater. Today I am pricing the heater (which won’t be a problem since we want to keep the same kind of heater in the room as the others so at least I won’t have to look at various types) and he should be going over this week to look at what needs to be done and what he needs to do it.

I liken using our friend as the handyman just as though it were my husband. We will pay him for his time, but this time with cash rather then beer and pizza. And since he is moving, it will all be done in the next couple of weeks.

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