Plumbing Issues Take Care Of

The biggest issue in renting is always a property manager – someone who can take care of things for you if you don’t live close by. Of course that same person can take care of things if you are close, I personally have a problem with separating friendship from landlord-ship. I always have to take a day or so before replying to emails because the emotions of a friend come through first.

The plumber was able to get in and fix the garbage disposal problems (and replace the bathroom sink faucet) and it turns out the garbage disposal hadn’t been secured tight enough – which led to leakage – which led to the top portion of the disposal actually rotting. We are sure another plumber did the installation a couple of years ago but I haven’t found the receipt yet. There are a couple other places I need to look – and with luck I can get the first plumber to do something, like pay what we paid to have it fixed.

What drives me crazy about having to pay for professionals to fix something is when the renter comments about all the other things they have fixed in the house. I know not everyone is comfortable doing plumbing work, but it really isn’t that hard. And if you are a handy person to begin with, why not at least try?

But all that is left is to replace a heater in a room and then everything in the house should be taken care of.

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