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My husband reads the local newspaper every day. Often times I’ve read the story earlier that day or even the day before, of course because I read my news online! Once we started reading about the problems Countrywide was having, we’ve been reading all we can about it. We have a mortgage with them so of course we needed to pay attention. When we read the issues wouldn’t be regarding older loans, we breathed a sigh of relief.

Here is a blog with a lot of articles regarding mortgage help ~ definitely a good read if you are shopping around for a mortgage. The site is full of definitions, calculators and informative articles – all written by a previous mortgage account executive. It’s best to get your information from someone other then your lender or mortgage broker. When we got our first mortgage we blindly trusted our broker. Throughout the process we learned more and after we refinanced for a lower interest rate, we realized we needed to really know what we were getting in to and what we were signing. When we bought our second house we had learned enough to stay away from the interest only loan our realtor was pushing and even had money to put down.

There is even an up to date list of mortgage closures, mergers and layoffs if you are interested in learning more about various companies.

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