Plumbing Again

It happened, I got the inevitable email from our renters saying the teeny kitchen sink leak is much more of an issue now. I am calling a plumber tomorrow – and also calling the homeowners insurance to see if they would cover it. I’m thinking they won’t, but a call can’t hurt. I was already told by one plumber that the pipes under the sink need to be replaced because of the sink we had put in and the garbage disposal being lower then the old ones were. I guess now the leak isn’t a drip or drop here or there, but getting onto the cabinet. *sigh*

And the bathroom faucet needs to be replaced. I’m not sure if it has to be replaced but the renter feels that way. And of course I’m far away and this is frustrating. With luck the plumber I am going to call will work out and it won’t cost too much to get fixed.

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