Online File Sharing

There is a new web based business in town! Check out Driveway (which is at for Online File Sharing. I’ve ran into this problem before. I’ll have an attachment and when I go to send it to someone it gets stuck in my outbox (or gets stuck ‘sending’) and just never leaves. Driveway offers a fix to this problem – you can use their “Parkit” links for files that are up to 500MB in size. Once you upload your file you get a link that you then email to someone – the link will easily be sent and your files are then shared!

You can also delete the file whenever you want to, you’ll get that link as well. The site is free to use and you can get started just by entering your email and uploading the file, no registering! I think that is a plus as it is one less user name and password to remember.

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