Going Out Of Business

A few weeks ago I looked in the classifieds for the first time in over a year. Garage sale season has started up here and I was looking at how many are in our area. Also in the garage sale section was an advertisement for a bookstore having a going out of business sale – all books were either $1 each or $15 for a box. They were selling everything in the stores shelves, a couch, a table w/ chairs, a kid table and chairs, a microwave, lights, etc. I don’t like to see bookstores going out of business, someone worked hard to make it successful and for whatever reason, had to stop trying.

We went with the intention of buying a few books but not getting too out of control. We walked away with two boxes of books and a kids table/chairs set. Such a great deal! The books we got were in practically brand new condition and they were books the kids will love. They had sets that included books we had as kids and to find them again, in the whole set, was just so great.

Now we need to find a bookcase or two. It’s probably time to head to those garage sales.

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