Coupons for clothes

On to lighter topics! I’ve been browsing all of my favorite stores clearance and sale sections and their outlet stores (the ones that are online anyway) searching for more clothes for my kids. I continue to be amazed at how much they grow in a short amount of time and could compare them to plants in that they grow in the summer more so any other time!

It’s always a great idea to use coupons so you can get a percentage off or free shipping. Often the free shipping is a good enough deal for me! I’d love to find more coupons that worked in the retail stores – especially during the no sales tax week that happens here in time for back to school shopping!

Here are some Gap coupons, Target coupons and Sears coupons.

Since I homeschool I just look for the best clothing deals all year round – there are times when more items are on sale but since we don’t have to rush in August to buy stuff, we are more relaxed then others. And we don’t have to spend a huge chunk of money all at once either.

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