Great List of What to Replace When

Get Rich Slowly has a great story of When to Replace Common Household Items.

When we moved into our house a little over four years ago we had great appliances. We actually bought the house from a great couple and they even left us a huge list to get to know the house. It was awesome. I still have the list, it needs to be retyped and sent to my renters actually.

Anyway, with all of the repairs on the house we are working on getting fixed, at least none of the appliances need to be replaced..because we did it already! I was surprised to see how long some of these are supposed to last and wonder if the newer model items will last just as long. We have already had to replace a part in the dishwasher that was just over a year old, the dryer was older but seemed like it was in great shape.

Check out the list, it’s a great starting point. If you keep up on basic maintenance on your things they will last longer (I think of it like cars – the older ones will last much longer if you work on them, the newer ones have computer chips everywhere that you can’t work on!).

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