Good Experience with Farmers Market

The first time I went to the Farmers Market here I was very disappointed. The veggies were lacking – in quantity and quality – and the prices seemed very high. My opinion changed over last weekend though! And in a good way. We found one stand in particular that has a large variety of veggies and the prices were great. I plan on going back again this weekend to buy a week’s worth. I’m hoping I can continue to do this every weekend as I think it will save money – on gas especially since the commissary is 30 minutes one way.

My Mom was here visiting and said that her Farmers Market recently decided to stay open until right before Christmas. That would be so nice! I would love to be able to drive 10 minutes to grab all the food we need. As it stands we are doing a combo of the market, the commissary and Costco. I need to make a list and figure where we are going this weekend.

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