Additional Expenses

We are having another baby! She is definitely a surprise baby and we are all excited. My husband has been thrilled since the moment we found out. My kids have been so excited too – they ask how the baby is feeling, how big the baby is, when she is going to get here. As we are getting closer and closer to the end of the first trimester, I’m getting more excited – and knowing my love of list making, soon I’ll start figuring out what we need.

See, after my son was born and started growing out of things, we got rid of clothes, toys and other baby items. Which means we have to start over. Of course since we have other kids, we know what we need, what we don’t need and what we won’t use. I like to think I’m a great bargain shopper so I’m sure I can find what we need on sale.

I admit that part of me wants a baby shower. I’ve never had one – with my first child we were in a new place, really having friends after she was born. With my son, he was born only two years after my daughter so we didn’t need any baby things as we saved everything. But having a shower for your third baby? I suppose justified since so many years have passed, but I still don’t know that many people here.

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