Yard Sales

A few weeks ago my Mom was here visiting. She helped me clean up the garage and we separated things into a junk (trash) pile and a give away (yard sale/consignment) pile. Of course that was a few weeks ago and nothing has been done. Last night I noticed the sign at the Y mentioned the annual yard sale – and now I’m debating selling items there. The Y is probably the perfect place to sell kids clothes, books and toys – which is everything that I have. Luckily for me everything in my yard sale pile is clean, maybe a few things need to be wiped off from dust, but the clothes have all been washed.

I did a yard sale last year – sold quite a few things the first day but it happened to be on the hottest day so far. It was horrible, so hot, very humid and no wind. Of course I had lots of kids clothes to sell then as well – long sleeved kids clothes. I didn’t sell any of them since it was so hot no one could even think of cooler weather.

One idea I have if I do participate in the yard sale this year is pricing everything at the same price. Maybe everything is a dollar – but then again that could backfire if others also have kids clothes and they are priced at ten cents or a quarter. I don’t even know what are decent yard sale prices around here, maybe I need to take in a few to get an idea.

A timely post was published today over at Get Rich Slowly – check out this yard sale checklist.

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