Paid Blogging Goes Direct

PayPerPost recently released a handful of changes one of which is PPP Direct. Here is a video you can watch that tells about the process. This looks like a great addition to an already great get paid to blog network. PPP Direct puts an advertiser in the drivers seat of picking who they want to write for them. A simple badge or link on your blog lets advertisers know that you are available to write for them, clicking on the link (or badge) will start the conversation and all that is left is for both parties to agree on the terms.

PPP Direct sounds like other services that are out there – but the big difference is what fees are charged. There is only a 10% fee charged for those who go through PPP Direct, vs. other services charging 50% (or more) in fees. PayPerPost is acting as an escrow service as well – they would hold the money and once the post is completed, the blogger would instantly be paid.

This new service is just one of the additions – others being PPP is no longer using Technorati, there is the option to “bench” a blogger (meaning they will be unable to take any of the opps, though they are not banned) and the time to write the post has increased to six hours. There have been various video opportunities and people have been wanting longer reservation times so they could do a better video, and six hours is a great improvement.

PayPerPost is still a leading way to earn money while blogging. If you have a blog that you regularly post to and it is older then three months, click on over and sign up.

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