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There is a new show on DIY called Sweat Equity. I’ve recorded a couple of the shows and love what they are doing. The show is about a couple who wants to up the equity in their home by upgrading some part of the home. A realtor is brought in at the beginning of the show to say what the home is worth that day, then again at the end to say what the upgrade has made it worth. The two shows I’ve watched so far have both had $5000 budgets ~ I’m not sure if this is what the show requires or just a good starting point for the work. The sweat equity comes from the couple (and their friends or family) coming in and helping with the work.

I just watched one show that was about upgrading a bathroom and the contractor on the show said something about “construction grade” features in the bathroom.

This is the point where I am annoyed at buying a “spec” house. A spec house is a new construction home in which the company picks what goes in it – what upgrades it gets, what appliances, etc. Of course they buy in bulk so they get better deals – but your house ends up looking just like your neighbors house.

We did purchase the lighting for every room – we have a total of seven ceiling fans (one outside, six inside) that are all different and look great. We will have to replace the one in the loft as it is a fun cool looking fan and light, but doesn’t cool off a room hardly at all and the light is not great. There is a dual ceiling fan that we have seen that we plan to purchase and put up.

I have a master list of “things to do” to this house before we go – at this point the priority is to make it rent-able but since we will still own it, we do want it to look nice as well. On that list is replacing the fixtures in the bathrooms and the hanging lights in the kitchen and dining area.

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