Let’s get back to talking about PayPerPost for a minute ~ or rather, the money made by being a Postie and including sponsored blog posts with my writing. I have been actively involved with PayPerPost since the end of October 2006. To join PPP, your blog must be 90 days old and you must regularly update it. You also have to have a disclosure page on your blog that is viewable regardless of what page a reader is looking at. You can have more then one blog in the PPP system, which would give you the chance to make more money as you can post to all of the blogs in a day. Currently PPP is allowing bloggers to have three posts per blog.

To date I have made $574.20 writing 76 sponsored posts which is an $7.55 average per posting. From what I have read on the PayPerPost forum, this is around the average of the other posties. Being paid via sponsored content is a great way for a new blogger to earn money. You have the ability to earn money based on what your ranking is though there are also opportunities that do not requre any PR. I do have more then one blog in the PPP system, though I typically do not post all three posts allowed on the blogs.

Considering my average is $7.55 per posting, I would say I average $15 an hour. Sometimes it does not take me a half hour to write a post and other times it takes 45 minutes, it depends on the content I am writing about and the website given by the company.

I admit to not spending my PPP earned money on one single thing, but do put it in a separate account then my regular checking account. It is easier to have it separately as otherwise it’s tempting as I do have a PayPal card.

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