Discipline and Money

I definitely struggle with discipline and money. Once we pay the bills, buy the groceries, pay on the credit cards and as long as the $1000 is in the bank, I think that is good.

There is a variety of ways to spend the money that is left over. I’ve always wanted to spend every dollar on paper, but can’t seem to transfer that thinking into action. Maybe it is because I do use the bank card, maybe it’s online banking, I’m not sure.

Typically the money just ends up spent. Spent on going out to eat (though that is still a rare event – once a month) or at Target on ‘stuff’ or on books. Yep, books are still my downfall. I have done great not shopping at the craft store.

I did set a budget for Christmas gifts and have stuck to it! And sticking to the budget has helped me do my shopping, I just have a couple more gifts to get and then am finished.

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