Building Wealth $100 at a Time

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I fully believe we can find $100 a month to save. Up until about a year and a half ago we were saving 10% a month – more then $100 actually – and we did not miss it at all. We made the mistake of buying a huge house and had to adjust our savings – which meant not having any. Big mistake, huge. We realize that now and have been making better choices.

It’s all about the choices we make.

We are choosing to not move with my husband initially because … well because I don’t want to be in an entirely new place, settling a home alone and not knowing anyone. Sure I will meet people, sure putting together a home isn’t that hard – heck I’ve done that before a couple of times! But I have a choice this time and I choose to spend time with my family. I choose to live next door to my Grandma and pay nothing in rent because my Mom owns the house. I choose to live with my Dad and yeah I’ll buy groceries but I don’t owe him rent.

Just another reason to be grateful to have the family that I do.

Is it going to be hard – yes. Being a single parent is hard work and being a single parent for just a little while because your partner is gone is even harder – because once they come back you are not single and your way being the only way doesn’t cut it.

But the payoff is going to be huge. No debt. No car payment. Savings. Starting to save, at least, 10% again.

Looking down the road makes me smile and I’ll have to remember that.

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