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I’m having a great time with Financial Peace University Online. I feel empowered all over again and know we are doing right. We had the mini emergency fund – need to build it back up again – and are doing great paying off the debt and not using credit cards.

I’m glad to be able to take the FPU course online. We are moving and not only will our finances change (the military pays different amounts depending on the job you are doing), but my husband and I won’t be together. We are renting the house out (again). We are still renting our other house. We are downsizing to one car – but the car is paid off so I am very conflicted about that.

We owe to four credit cards and I am updating the amounts in a spreadsheet this week. I am an authorized user on a couple of the cards so my husband has to be on the line saying it is okay to talk to me in regards to … well, just about anything! I called to lower the interest rate on two of them and was told he needs to be on the line. Of course that just means it needs to be done now since he won’t be available to make the phone calls!

The amazing thing about living apart for a little while is we will probably be able to pay off all the credit card debt and possible our car. I would love to see him again and say we have zero debt and a mini emergency fund and cash to buy whatever for the new job and new place we’ll live.

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