Auto Loan Payments

We are about two and a half years away from being auto loan free! I’m so excited. Starting in a couple of months we are going to start paying extra on our loan too. I’m not sure if we can double the payment but we’ll come close. I’m not thinking of the tax refund or bonus’, just paychecks. Including those, we may be able to be car payment free in a year.

We have a great interest rate for the car. We have done a relatively good job of keeping our credit up and clean so we qualified for a lon through our regular bank. We have never taken up a dealership on their credit – I don’t think we would have been able to get as good of a deal if we had.

I remember when I was a kid and my Mom’s car payments were $500 or even $400 for her car. The difference in what an interest rate can do to your payment is sometimes amazing. If you are paying too much for your car or van and want to do a car refinance, it is a good idea to look into it. Over at, the application process takes a few minutes and you will know the result within two days. Depending on the interest rate you current have, you could potentially save thousands of dollars. The Rate Genius FAQ section answers questions regarding credit and co-applicants. At this time they are only able to refinance cars, trucks or SUV’s, so check them out today if you need a better rate.

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